Autumn Kulaga


Visualizing Life

As a recent student of the University of Illinois at Chicago's Biomedical Visualization Program (BVIS), I enjoy learning about life and the advancements in science through means of visual exploration. While my Communication Arts undergraduate degree from VCU has provided a strong foundation in drawing and illustration, I thoroughly enjoy learning new ways to visually articulate complex biomedical information. Recently my skillset has evolved to include 3D modeling, animation and web-based programming.

My interest in biomedical subject matter primarily revolves around the human body, from the gross to the microscopic. I am constantly intrigued by how our body interacts with our environment and various factors influence daily life. Even more so I enjoy using the skill set I have developed through the BVIS program to communicate this information to various audiences. I not only think visual communication is a means of conveying information, but also facilitating research within the life sciences.